The executives at Will-Be Solution, Inc Have more than 10 years of hands on experience in financial organizations and financial solutions.
Will-Be Solution, Inc. not only provides for the local financial marketing environment, but also leading financial techniques to provide the optimal 《financial CRM Consulting service
From environment analysis, building strategy, and its application, Will-Be Solution, Inc. presents the suitable CRM portal strategy.
Will be solution

Will-Be Solution, Inc.’s i-CRMS, a Solution Framework, prepared by staff with diverse experience from the work on site, is an integrated system specified in the financial field from the planning stage. Integration of company-wide DW based Front and Back-end support and META management, holds the combination or independence.
Development of financial solutions i-CRMS, i-SEMS, and company-wide LDM Model based on leading business processes, know-how for related technology, and experience in building and operating.

Therefore, the clients will be able to form a precise analysis and a combined view through implementing the i-CRMS Will-Be Solution, Inc., and through the execution of organized marketing program, one will be able to maximize the marketing efficiency which can lead to systematic client management.
In addition, finding of the potential clients can lead to increase in numbers of client, and this can lead to advanced client response process which leads to maximizing of client satisfaction. It can also lead to advanced decision making process to increase risk management skill, and reduce the campaign process and lowering of management cost through the automation of process.

Therefore, one can measure the capital prime cost and application of the course precisely, and by importing the prime cost computation system based on activities, the management activities and relevant work prime cost can be rationally and precisely divided according to group/product/client beneficial analysis.

In addition, to allow profit centered marketing, it’ll provide information needed on decision making, and also present information need to determine interest rate and commission. On top of this offer, it a system which adequately combined the CRM and general profit management, result management, and etc. of flexible data interface and the best practice and system know-how from foreign advanced banking process to domestic financial environment.

The listed merits will surely provide a certain reason for choosing “Will-Be solution.”


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