Dear Customers and Partners,

I would like to truly thank our customers and partners for their encouragement with their affection and interest.

Will-Be Solution, Inc. has been established in August 2000 mainly by former and current financial specialists to continuously learn about new areas and to meet the challenges of today. With the know-how gained through customer relationship management and data warehouse, we have been providing consulting services regarding the building and application of customer relationship management systems for financial organizations, and have been securing a successful position.

Especially in 2002, Will-Be Solution, Inc. has gained the best results in the CRM market for the finance industry and has been evaluated as the best solution. This year we have been seeking to widen our realm of influence in the market through expanding the domestic market and also through our attempts at markets in Japan and China. The reason how we were able to secure the position as best quality consulting provider despite company’s short history was through the special interest and warm love by our partners and customers. I thank our customers and partners once again for their trust and support, and we will become a “company that prioritizes the client, a company that will increase mutual trust in order to become a transparent company” through wisely overcoming many risks focused on the below items:

For this we will provide the best and distinguished solutions and consulting services having in mind that the success of our customers and partners is also our success; and while endeavoring to develop new services that will satisfy customers’ needs, we will also step forward to gain the confidence of customers and partners with thorough after-management.

We are in favor of a passionate culture in which all employees learn continuously and seek challenge, yet look for ways to be in relationship with customers and partners according to principles and rules, and to maintain a virtuous course of management to not secede confidence from the customers and the market.

Will-Be Solution, Inc.’s efforts in striving for the greatest satisfaction to the customer, and the realization of self for the employees is under way right this moment.

Everyone here at Will-Be Solution, Inc. promises to do the best we can to be born again as a company that is loved by all and also a leader of e-Business, the future of our country.

Thank You.
Will-Be Solution, Inc
CEO Introduction Jang Pil Yum

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