KB Bank  
DW building
Based on these core principles, everyone here at Kookmin Bank promises to work tirelessly in order to achieve our vision of a “Global Bank Leading Asian Finance” and, in the process, receive your continued support and confidence.
WOORI Bank  
EDW building and CRM consulting
Woori bank is leading the development of finance in Korea. A sign of its excellence, Woori bank determined to strengthen the pride of Korea’s financial sector throughout the world.
Kyongnam Bank  
FTP consulting and Basel II RDM building
Kyongnam Bank has served as a regional financial center of Gyeongsangnam-do from Its stronghold baess in Masan,Changwon, Ulsan, Three major home to a number of large scale industrial complexes and primary export channels and as such hold a great growth potential for Kyongnam Bank.
Shinhan Bank  
Basel II RDM building
Shinhan bank will aim to become public-conscious bank which helps our neighbors and society at large and support for ‘THE Bank Shinhan, pride of korean financial industry’.
Hana Bank  
Bael II RDM and inspection information, DW/SEM/CRM consulting and building
Hana-bank, core business of the bank asset administration and consumer credit, the investment bank, specialized in finance, insurance and financial network section is a bank which the value increase of the customer, the shareholder and the community staff the growth which is balance leads in the center and pursues.
Kwangju Bank  
Basel II RDM building
Kwang-ju bank clear up local company and citizen financial needs, providing the best financial service to customers, the bank has been developed the superior bank.
Dongbu Savings Bank  
FTP system consulting & building
Dongbu savings bank is believed as excellent savings bank which has been growing well so far, bank is jumping for international retail bank
Korea Postal Savings  
FTP system & ISP Building
The friendship enterprising headquarters mail, post office deposit, post office deposit, post office insurance etc. post office service is the governmental communication department assigned agency.
Suhyup Bank  
CRM/ISP strategy consulting, FTP, KPI, CRM system building
Suhyup does its best to protect the fisheries industry and fisherman against the wave of ‘open market trends’ and the impact of declining fisheries resource. It aims to steer the ‘creation of a Bright Future for Fisheries Industry’ towards the improvement of fisheries related regulations.
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance  
DW Building
Hyundai Marine & Fire has been credited with its sincere commitment to transparent business operation putting customer and investor’s value on its top priority. It obtained high ratings from world-renowned credit agencies attributed by strong ability to meet the obligation to policyholder based on it’s solid financial position and competitive asset management ability.
Industrial Bank of Korea  
Total Profit Management System(ABC, FTP)
As a Korean bank specializing in small to midsize corporate finance, the Industrial Bank of Korea has been practicing transparent banking and social benefits activities through realizing Finebank (Total Financial Network Bank) under the slogans of “Value Management/Customer Inspiration Management/Open Management”.
Jeonbuk Bank  
Total Profits Management System(ABC, FTP)
As the single regional bank in Jeonbuk region, Jeonbuk Bank seeks to vitalize the regional economy through integrating regional capital. Under the vision of “21st Century First Class Regional Bank”, Jeonbuk Bank has been participating in regional development.
WOORI Financial Group  
Total Profits Management System(ABC, FTP)
As the first financial group made of five financial organizations (Hanvit/Pyonghwa/Kwangju/Kyongnam) according to the financial group laws, Woori Financial Group is a pure Korean company with financial model of an international level and leader of domestic financial businesses.
Nonghyu Bank  
DW/CRM Strategy consulting and Federation DW/OLAP building
NACF has been the agent for agri-coop member and performs guidance, economical/credit/finance/distribution business operations.
Busan Bank  
DW/CRM Strategy consulting and system building
Based in Busan, and the Kyongnam region, Pusan Bank has been the representing region-based bank. They seek to solve the financial needs of regional companies and citizens and returns profits to the society.
Korea Credit Bureau  
DW building
KCB is a personal trust evaluation professional company which evaluates a credit rating synthetically about the individual. To improve the quality of retention information and service continuously with to increase the competitive power of the loan business.
Korea Exchange Bank  
DW/CRM Strategy consulting & system building, Total Profit Management(FTP, KPI)
As a bank specializes in currency exchange KEB has been providing a variety of services using new financial techniques and the ideology of “customer priority”.