SK C&C  
SI joint marketing
Since its foundation in 1991, SK C&C has been helping the customers maximize their value by providing IT total service from IT consulting to system development d maintenance in different industries of public sector, finance, telecommunication, energy, logistics, service . te company offers IT technical expertise and understanding of the customer industry.
Samsung SDS  
SI joint marketing
With the know-how from Samsung Group information systems, and based on experience with various SI projects, Samsung SDS has a total solution system with technical tie-up with IBM, Microsoft, BT, ALL, Toshiba, NEC and other leading companies to provide total service of computer, communication and information.
Hyundai Information Thechonology  
SI joint marketing
HIT is a total information service company with emphasis on public, financial, and regular corporate system integration as well as the integrated operation of Hyundai group computing departments.
SI joint marketing
Based on leading EDS technique and experience through service within LG, LG CNS has been providing information technology service to 1,400 customer companies including public, manufacturing, distribution, as well as financial sectors.
IBM Korea  
SI joint marketing
IBM Korea is an information technology service company which provides end-to-end service from hardware, software, service, and consulting tasks.
Sybase Korea  
Mobile Solution joint development
As the Korean branch of the world-class global independent software company Sybase, it has been providing superior total e-Business solution products such as corporate portal, EAI, WAS, IWS, developing tools, mobile and industrial solutions.
HCI Consulting  
Development Methodology Consulting
As acronyms for Humanity, Computer, and Information, this company seeks to “provide productive, creative and peaceful information by using software technology” for the “realization of humanitarianism and the betterment of this world through technology.”
Team Interface  
UI Consulting
Team Interface intends the best Human Interface Experts that can open a human-oriented digital realm through going over the walls of communication.
BEA Systems Korea  
Web Application Server
As a leading global application infra-software company, BEA Korea seeks to have IT assets as the company’s central competitiveness through reducing costs for application infrastructure and its complexity.
Through DBMS based Internet platform, e-Business Suite product and solution Oracle possesses products and solutions for information usage. Oracle also provides support and service regarding consulting and training.
LG Hitachi  
Package development and joint market, Japan/US operations
As a joint corporation between Japan’s Hitachi and LG Electronics, they are a suppliers and consultants for network equipment, system management software, ERP, CRM and etc.