Product of Will-Be Solution Inc, is consisted 5 product line-up of i-CRMS, i-SEMS, i-FIWS, i-Meta, i-SysFrame and there are CRM area and SEM area based on META provided with Component forms which the respectively business unit is possible with the product which integrates according to preference and decision of the customer who is various there to be will be able to compose the product, uses the integrated product with will be able to maximize synergy for the benefit creation of the customer.
Including overseas advanced Best Practice for Banking Process, Best Practice of domestic is unique with other product preparation that provides the base for a soft practical application. IT techniques the possibility of being sufficient in order to be, an expandability the stability will be verified Needs where introduction etc. banking industry of change and new service of business environment is various and will be able to support and new boldly adopts a plan ideology and updated technology with other product preparation practical application and the operation which are quick provides infra is possible.
Operation & analysis CRM Solution
Front-end & Back-end system
Campaign management
Sales Force Automation
Profit Management
ABC(Activity Based Costing)
FTP(Fund Transfer Pricing)
PA(Profitability Analyzer)
Budget & Result Management
PM(performance Measurement)
B&P(Budgeting & Planning)
Manage DW , Analyz DW Solution
LDM(Logical Data Model): maintaining consistency information to hold business rule with Roll-Up Path to the whole entity.
DFD(Deferred) : From account on-line processing result to deliver User log data which create at real-time ODS, regular monitoring and reduction data, in order for the service of integrated customer and strategic information system to be possible, support
Data model standardization at the viewpoint of whole enterprise.
Data standardization: When developing new system, grating a item naming in standard Korean, English naming and management
DB Schema : Resource control of system
Assist with productivity of development, expandability, capacity improvement, easy maintenance
Back Office Interface
Business Process Manager
Component Factory
i-SysFrame Manager
IT technology is proven to satisfy the needs of financial industries such as change in sales environment and implementation of new services, and through choosing new technology and design concept which allows for expansion, it provides a quick business application and operation of infrastructure than other competing products.

u-BANKS is the next generation financial Framework made through analysis of business and IT elements that is to be included in the next generation financial system, and RBMS (Rule Based Management Service), WFMS (Work Flow Management Service) Engine, and MDMS (Meta Database Management Service) Engine is the core element thereof.

Lastly, i-FIWS is a Tool for managing LDM (Logical Database Model), a model specialized for financial industry based on past financial experience and knowledge, and META, and is comprised of various add-on tools for strengthening the use of each business component. Each meta-based product is designed and developed to interact systematically with a variety of Interface that the u-BANKS Framework supports.

customer relationship management