Willbe Solution consists of an executive committee and employees with over 10 years of working experiences in financial industry and financial solution field. We provide the best 《Financial consulting and implementation service》 for domestic financial environment with our advanced financial techniques. We guarantee the provision of the most suitable strategy and implementation method in the financial industrial field for environmental analysis, strategy establishment, and utilization.
DW (data warehouse) is defined as integrated data storage that provides base data for applications developed to help decision making of corporations. The most important reason to build data warehouse is to support decision-making of users. Data warehouse is also an engine that transforms massive amount of raw data into useful information to provide users right information by right form at right time.

Please refer to below successful project results of Willbe Solution to picture the success of your firm in the future.
Expressway traffic integration DB S/W development project
By building expressway traffic integration DB in the Korea Expressway Corporation, trust and quality of 
the traffic record data is secured, and by providing service stability and analysis environment efficiency, 
we wish to establish traffic record data application support standard which can respond accurately to internal 
and external traffic data requests.
September, 2012 ~ March, 2013
Integration of mass traffic record data and build DB
Implementation of primitive traffic data preconditioning algorithm and create statistic/analysis/index data
Define interface standard per system and implement ETL (placement/real-time)
Establish data management standard and implement data verification/reliability management process
Implement traffic record data analysis portal and report
Implement traffic accident analysis portal and report
Establish traffic statistics booklet DB published by the Korea Expressway Corporation (42 years)
Analyze construction business investment effect (ROI)
Establish geometric DB on 35 routes of expressway (3,800Km)
Provide traffic history data by establishing traffic data reliability and system performance, 
and reinforce application support ability.
Increase data reliability and secure quality through unified traffic history data integration management
Create traffic statistic data based on improved preconditioning algorithm
Establish data quality management standard per data processing level
Establish mass data processing based system performance and stability
Establish operational efficiency through setting the role for traffic related system
Arrange efficient analysis environment based on stable traffic history data provided service
Increase work productivity through active application of internal traffic history data
Enhance KEC status by providing external traffic history data and constructing application base.
Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Construction Project
It is to secure data compatibility through data integration and sharing system establishment at enterprise point, 
prepare information analysis base to support fast decision-making, data quality management system 
and data architecture management system for data compatibility securing and tracking.
Enterprise data warehouse establishment
OLAP/Reporting realization cetered on BI Portal
Data quality management and architecture establishment (package introduction)
Present system data model actualization
Enhancement of data reliability through data compatibility management system establishment
Enterprise information view unification through improvement of integrated data construction and interface
Enhancement of strategic / tactical analysis capability through information environment provision 
Formal / informal report provision process efficiency / conveniance improvement
Enterprise data standardization and quality management base establishment
Data quality certification acquisition
National Pension Fund Operation Headquarter DW Advancement Project
National pension fund operation headquarter established fund operation data warehouse system in 2010 
as the base for achieving strategic target of long term stability and profit enhancement of pension finance 
by constructing distinguished global special operation capacity at the center of rapidly changing 
financial environment and innovating operation process, and prepare extended information analysis system base 
as additionally constructing oversea entrusted data based area through this advancement project.
CITI Group linked oversea stock entrustment data based DW construction and OLAP link
JP Morgan linked oversea bond entrustment data based DW construction and OLAP link
DW management (verfication automation, disposition automation, all sorts of monitoring) screen reform
Construction of new system enabling comprehensive and active analysis / operation insead of 
limited and passive oversea data collection/analysis/operation process
Dominant data analysis / utilization is possible as managing directly CITI Group and JP Morgon linked 
oversea stock / bond entrustment base data 
Enhancement of analysis capacity in oversea entrustment sector through OLAP System
Efficiency and utilization enhancement as reforming DW user management screen
National Pension Fund Operation Data Warehouse Construction Project
As a part of efforts to actively cope with fast changing financial environment, 
it is to establish effective management system satisfying data compatibility secureness using at fund operation 
headquarter, information analysis capability enhancement toward utilization and information analysis 
infra betterment demand.
Fund operation data warehouse establishment
OLAP/Reporting realization centered at BI Portal
Meta Data management package introduction
DW web service UI standard estahlishment
Enhancement of strategic / tactical analysis function for fund operation data
Improvement of work efficiecenty / convenience
Enterprise analysis information single view provision
Analysis infra standardization / automation
Korea Exchange Bank and card DW integration project
There is utilization perspective issue (need for increasing use of information integration) of collaborative user
accordance to bank/card DW double management. In order to complement this, small projects as [Retail customer
information improvement] are performed but there is still a need of integration on the information management side
accordance to double management.
EUC (BRIO) user configuration environment set-up in EDW for EUC integration
Integration of Card Data marts in Card DW with Banking EDW
Customer basis account/performance/contact information integration plan establishment
Integration of Card DW/DM with Banking EDW
Integrated Performance management of customer 
Accomplishment of integrated Job scheduling for Banking and Card Batch Job automation in DW
Conformity of standard data integrity rules of Bank
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