A new management paradigm is required due to drastic change of financial environment and development of information technology, and to be the leading company in the financial field, CRM must be approached and promoted not just at a client managing level, but at a company-wide strategy level.
Will-Be Solution, Inc. has successfully executed the CRM and SEM project with leading banks like Korea Exchange Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Pusan Bank, etc., and through the accumulated experience and strategy, will provide with 《A better plan and combination of Solution to return to the client a higher profit.
Consulting, starting from the analysis of present condition, analysis of client and establishment of strategy, expansion of test marketing and check up, and reflection of feedback in a circulating process. The range of Will-Be Solution, Inc.’s strategic consulting establishes the diagnosis of client’s present condition and profitable analysis, defining of client, programs of subdivision of client, development of a mining model, set a marketing strategy plan, seizing the present condition of utilization of data and system and establishment of direction for information and leading conclusion of Architecture. Based on the information, establish client analysis and strategy. The analyzed client’s information and strategy will be put to feedback through test marketing, and this will be done in a loop form to reflect the result. .
CRM strategy is to maximize the client satisfaction under the goal of maximizing the financial organization profit which is client-affinity, and utilization of i-CRMS Framework, most suitable to the domestic financial environment. Defining this fact to the client, and maximizing the value, it is one of the most substantial strategy for CRM establishment plans.
through the most suitable channel, and rewards should considered to enhance the maintaining the number of clients.
Accumulation of experience of customers, and must included the Customer Life Cycle process and financial organization’s Business process.
Through CRM IT Framework, CRM system is consisted to be satisfied with goal of financial agency, customer satisfaction and employee needs.
CRM strategy consulting will be executed through following steps

Data Warehouse Consulting