i-FIWS provides DW Architecture for the provision of optimal data according to customer type based on the know of the professional staff of Will-Be Solution, Inc. with abundant professional knowledge of banks, insurance, companies and other financial companies. Through managing LDM and Meta regarding all financial industry, a data analysis system in the entire company’s perspective is provided and rapid task building using templates are possible.
Other Meta management tools and various add-on are provided for application to other areas.
As Will-Be Solution, Inc.’s core competence, LDM (Logical Database Model) possesses core model, as well as CRM and SEM models of financial organizations in the perspective of the entire company, and provides a model for an infrastructure for expansion into a financial group or merger.

It also possesses the Roll-Up Path Rule for supporting the consistency and coordination of the Business Model and provides for meta management and also management functions for integration or separation of Repository and its connected models.
The Deferred solution (i-FIWS/DFD) from account on-line processing result to deliver User log data which create at real-time and ODS regular thanks and reduction data, in order for the service of integrated customer etc. strategic information system to be possible ODS DECIBEL servers which introduces, support, separate way server establishment without respects a strategic information project to apply, the construction is possible.

Also ODS construction after that turnover increase/information business addition (CRM etc.) in commercial bank next generation system and has the engine structure will be able to confront softly in etc. system expansion applies is a solution which is stable displays the efficiency.

Data Warehouse