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IFRS [International Financial Reporting Standards] is the accounting standards prepared and published by International Accounting Standards Board and they are designed as a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries.

After the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) adopt the accounting standards specified by IASC as world standards unanimously on May, 2000, it has become world trend to impose this standard. In Korea, ‘International Accounting Standard Introduction Road map’ was announced on March 15, 2007 which introduced it sequentially to domestic listed companies from 2009 to 2011.

Will Be Solution supports construction of financial management system based on IFRS which is required for enhancing global level business management and system competitiveness in order to establish reliable accounting system for mandatory application of international standards and get ready for internationalization.

Please refer to below successful project results of Willbe Solution to picture the success of your firm in the future.
System construction project for application of IFRS
IFRS system is reflecting the specialty of the Korea Asset Management Corporation, and needed a 
principle based, value based Global Standard accounting system which can measure financial state and 
management performance accurately and fair.
June, 2012 ~ April, 2013
Establish IFRS financial product fair value system
Establish IFRS allowance for bad debt system
Establish bond evaluation system
Process IFRS annotation disclosure and establish consolidated financial statement system
Establish integrated accounting system 
(integrated CoA management, automatic journalizing, journalizing test driver, final settlement of accounts)
Convert existing C/S to WEB
Modify and develop accounting linked module
I/F development of rear linked system
Support initial financial statement creation and perform retroactive settlement of account
Reorganize EDW
By constructing global accounting standard accounting system as a system and settlement of 
accounts are disclosed, the transparency and reliability of the government corporation is 
Settlement of accounts based on global accounting standard is possible
Secure stability of bill processing by applying parameter method and efficient accounting management
Enhance user satisfaction by converting existing C/S work to Web
Integrated management of one government corporation accounting, which was originally dualised accounting 
(government corporation consignment / government corporation bond)
Korea Development Bank IFRS based Profit Management System Reformation
Headquarter is to excute project as a main body caused by needs for stable business capability enhancement 
through bank's preemptive action against internal and external system change and systematic change for 
original system, as demanded by international accounting standard management account system construction 
suitable for organization volume and status according to external environment change by international 
accounting standard (IFRS) implementation in 2011 and internal change of management account data 
change reflected by information analysis ETL system and IFRS standard.
K-IFRS based profit management system (including “internal accounting system”in management account part) improvement
Reformation of RAP system by profit management improvement
Reformation of lower system by profit management improvement
Establishment of information analysis  ETL system advancement plan
Establishment of profit management action strategy according to IFRS standard
Reformation of mapping and product system according to CoA change
Break down of profit and loss and aggregate products
FTP improvement of new product by IFRS
Improvement of cost pool of new business and ABC by IFRS
Reformation of lower system (Performance management,independent accounting, board report, etc)
Reformation of RAPM system by IFRS introduction
EDW, ETL system reformation
ETL system application for data management advancement
Development of management account related in holding company group
Korea Exchange Bank IFRS based Accounting System Reformation Project
Korea Exchange Bank is necessary to construct international accounting standard management accounting 
system suitable for organization volume and status by external environment change as reflecting profit
management, performance management and changes by international accounting standard (IFRS) 
introduction and by internal environment change as reflecting improvement requirements exposed from 
management account system operation for a while.
IFRS based management account effect analysis (KPI, PA, ABC, FTP)
Reflection of changes by CoA system changes
IFRS based management account reformation
Management account UI and report reformation
Enterprise integration of card part management account
Consulting on effect to performance indicator by IFRS
Consulting on reformation of performance indicator reflecting IFRS effect
IFRS based management account system construction (KPI, PA, ABC, FTP)
Reformation of performance management process reflecting IFRS and transparency secureness 
Construction of new KPI Pool reflecting IFRS
Enhancement of KPI system utilization by End User
Dash board realization of performance tabulation at each organization
Nonghyup IFRS Consulting Project
It is to consult as preceding work for successful IFRS introduction as analyzing informaion system influence 
degree by introducing International Accounting Standard(IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standards),
reforming DW necessary for the construction and establishing IFRS DM construction direction.
DW system status analysis and DW reformation plan deduction
IFRS DM construction plan deduction
IFRS DM logic model deduction
Project is under processing
Jeonbuk Bank IFRS System Construction Project
It is to construct data mart for IFRS system construction, construct data compatibility management 
system, write opening financial statements and consolidated financial statements, reform closing process by 
international accounting standard introduction.
Constructing integration data management and provision system for IFRS introduction
Writing and constructing integration data model in consideration of DW system reformation
Constructing process for coefficient and non-coefficient data compatibility management
Constructing data execution automation process
Writing opening and consolidated financial statements by IFRS introduction
Constructing gap analysis process between K-GAAP and IFRS accounting standard
Reforming account settlement process and constructing disclosure report management system
Opening IFRS system and writing opening financial statements according to the first 
accounting standard changes among domestic finanical institutions
Constructing basic data provision process for calculation of COA, DCF, LOC/F, reserve
Enhancing data management function by data execution automation system construction with ETL function
Reinforcing DW service function by integration data provision for integrated accounts and 
coefficient / profit and loss management
Enhancing data verification function by data compatibility management system construction
Improving accounting management function by reforming closing of account process and writing 
disclosure report
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