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i-SysFrame Business Process Manager which to make the business system of optimum construct quickly, BOI (Back Office Interface) which supports the Channel integrated function which is powerful and Component Factory where supports the approaches and Component use managements of data efficiently, possibly i-SysFrame Manager/Designer, currently the registration of set environments and Run Time modules of system and use source monitor ring, the process monitor ring (On-Line and Batch) and is being composed efficient business development of GUI bases with i-SysFrame Manager/Administrator which process provides Alert and Embedded Messenger.
Business Suite
Each channel Adapter
SNA, MQ, IIOP, TCP/IP, X.25, Web Service, Customizing Adapter
OLAP , Report Tool Interface
XBMS(XML Base Management)
BPMS(Business Process Management)
TMMS(Technical Meta Management)
Rule, Workflow, Encryption API
Validation, Transaction, XML API
BO, DOA, Session, Authorization API
Message, Exception, Logging API
Business Rule Manager
Business Process Manager
Technical Meta Manager
System Profile Manager
System Admin

Performance Measurement