Willbe Solution consists of an executive committee and employees with over 10 years of working experiences in financial industry and financial solution field. We provide the best 《Financial consulting and implementation service》 for domestic financial environment with our advanced financial techniques. We guarantee the provision of the most suitable strategy and implementation method in the financial industrial field for environmental analysis, strategy establishment, and utilization.
ISP, Information Strategy Plan, is a process for recognizing the general circumstances of information system construction of an organization and reviewing goal of an organization; however, information strategy plan is not only for information system but also for competitive advantage of an organization.

ISP can be defined as a process to build information system for Biz requirements by suggesting aggregated information system required for execution of mid-long term business strategy, and by planning and managing future unit or aggregated information system.

Please refer to below successful project results of Willbe Solution to picture the success of your firm in the future.
Informationization Plan Establishment for Highway Traffic Integration DBConstruction
Internal and external traffic information demand in changes of the times representing 30 million 
smart phonesd is rapidly increased and necessity of ‘Traffic Integration DB’ for maximizing utilization of traffic 
information holding resources as systematically and effectively managing large volume of traffic data 
over 60 million cases a day is increased.
2012.03 ~ 2012.05
Effective data management process design for large volume data processing
Deduction of effective traffic integration DB construction plan and optimal infra construction plan
Definition of various traffic contents for effective construction of traffic integration DB
Clearness of range / effects of traffic integration DB construction business
Bond of sympathy development among related organizations
Optimized technology / service structure establishment in the Korea Highway Corporation.
Postal Savings, The Next Generation ISP
The external money market, the positive to confront in internal business environment and 
Postal Savings strategic change, next generation Evolves with the Postal Savings which possesses 
the strongest competitive power from the loan business information strategic planning for
Ocber.2005 ~ February.2006
A profit management analysis 
A profit management with a goal model establishment 
A profit management management ISP 
Regular audit analysis 
Regular audit with a goal model establishment 
Regular audit ISP
The Postal Savings establishes a synthesis benefit management and the regular 
auditing system target model, information strategic plan for a hereafter synthesis 
benefit management and a regular auditing system construction establishment

Strategic Management Accounting, SMA